World News (Mar 23, 2020 EDN): In Unprecedented Move, Fed Unveils Open-Ended QE Including Corporate Bonds (Unlimited everything, including corporate bonds.) – Unprecedented Intervention: The Fed Will Purchase $125 Billion In Securities Every Day – Trump Says Coronavirus Restrictions WIll Be Lifted “Soon”, The US “Was Not Built To Be Shut Down” – “Travel Papers” & The Pandemic Patriot Act 2.0 – The Third Bull Run For Precious Metals Is Here As Physical Demand Soars – Gold Surges Most Since 2009 After Fed Unveils QEternity, Stocks & Bond Yields Tumble – Dow Industrials Give Up All Post-Trump-Election Gains (…and it’s gone!) – “The World You Lived In No Longer Exists”: Mike Krieger Exposes The ‘Massive Power Grab – “This Is The Biggest Thing Since 1776…”: Doug Casey Explains How COVID-19 Will Spark The Greater Depression – US Gasoline Crashes To 50c – Lowest Since 2001 – Amid “Unprecedented” Demand Collapse – Buyback Backlash Begins: Fed Will Limit Buybacks & Dividends For Companies Using Its Credit Facility – The Fed Is Now Buying Investment Grade Bond ETFs Like LQD – Trump Weighs Easing Stay-At-Home Restrictions To Curb Economic Chaos – Kashkari Says Fed Has “Infinite” Amount Of Cash: “We Create It Electronically” – The Crash Of The “Everything Bubble” Is Here… And It’s Not Going Away Anytime Soon – Coronavirus Crackdown: Beware “The New Normal” – China’s Housing Bubble Bursts: Evergrande Cuts Earnings Guidance By 50% – Amazon Doubles Its Workers’ Overtime Pay As Demand Spikes Due To Coronavirus Lockdowns – Deutsche Bank: Helicopter Money Will Be “Disastrous” And Will Lead To Hyperinflation, “Buy Gold”

NO VACCINE for me!!!…

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