World News (Mar 22, 2020 EDN): Operation ‘Granite Shadow’: The US Military’s Above-To-Secret Plans If COVID-19 Cripples Government – BofA Calls For “War-Time Measures”, Urges Near-Total Fed Takeover Of Capital Markets – US Futures Crash Limit-Down, Bonds & Bullion Bid – McConnell Sets Monday Morning Re-Vote “15 Minutes After The Markets Open” “…to see if there’s a change of heart.” – Mnuchin: Fed To Make $4 Trillion In Business Loans, Send $3,000 Checks To Family Of Four – Fed’s Bullard Warns Unemployment May Soar To 30%, GDP Crash 50% In Q2 – “The World Cannot Be Saved”: Von Greyerz Warns Global Financial System “Broken & Bankrupt” – Trump in January: Coronavirus is ‘not at all’ a pandemic Trump now: ‘I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic’ – TARP Failure Monday? With Hours To Go Until Futures Open, McConnell Delays Stimulus Vote – Turkey Arrests 64 For ‘Provocative’ Coronavirus-Related Social Media Posts – “Critical Medical Supply Shortage”: The Moment US Woke Up To Disaster Of Always Outsourcing To China – Martial Law? Baltimore Residents Spot National Guard Troops Across State Amid COVID-19 Crisis – Embedded Inside Minecraft Is The Uncensored Library Of Articles That Can Get You Killed In Some Countries – Freezing Credit Markets Force Rich People To Finance Against Fine Art – “Widespread Panic” Hits Commercial Property Markets: Deals Implode, Renters Disappear, Businesses Shut Down – Pompeo Won’t Say Whether Coronavirus Is a Hoax – DON’T TAKE THE MARK: MANDATORY VACCINES TO BE ACCOMPANIED BY INVISIBLE INK TATTOOS – Muammar Gaddafi in 2009: They will create the virus, pretend and sell the antidotes

Former Goldman Sachs Bankster and Skull & Bones member Mnuchin…

Continue to prepare for collapse…


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