World News (Mar 16, 2020 EDN): “Total F**king Carnage”: Global Liquidation Accelerates Despite Massive Monetary Intervention – “Just Close The Whole Thing Up”: CNBC Anchors Melt Down, Beg For Market Closures On Twitter – Emergency Fed Repo Fiasco: Funding Markets Remain Frozen After Dealers Balk At $500BN Operation – US On Brink Of War In Iraq; “Self Defense” Strikes Against Iranian Proxies On Table: Pompeo – US Food Industry Scrambles To Resupply Stores Amid Apocalyptic Surge In Demand – Boeing, Which Repurchased Over $100BN In Stock, Is Downgraded To BBB, Seeks “Short-Term” Bailout – Foreign Central Banks Dump Treasuries For 17th Straight Month, Continue To Hoard More Gold – Coronavirus End Game: The Economic Crisis & Roll Out of the New Digital Financial System – Schumer Proposes $750 Billion To ‘Wage War’ Against Coronavirus – Top Cleric On Iran’s Powerful Council Of Experts Dies Of Covid-19 – The Covid-19 Dominoes Fall: The World Is Insolvent – ‘Hole’ Foods: Images from the nicest grocery store in one of the richest neighborhoods in the United States – Philippines Is First Country To Halt Its Market “Until Further Notice” – Silver Crashes To $11 Handle – To 11-Year Lows – Austrian “Bank Jog” Begins: ATM Usage “Double To Triple” – Putin Unleashes Strategic Hell On The US – Chinese Tycoon Mysteriously Disappears After Criticizing Xi’s Virus Response – Illinois Mayor Grants Herself Power To Ban Gun Sales And Alcohol During Coronavirus Epidemic – February China Economic Data Collapses Massively More Than Expected (“Unprecedented”)- Not The Onion: #ISIS Bans Followers From Jihad In “Plague” Hit #Europe Even terrorism briefly halted on Covid-19 fears

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