World News (Mar 13, 2020 EDN): “The Market Is Broken”: Why Nobody Is Trading Any More; “I’ve never seen that before, the inability to trade a U.S. Treasury” – US Equity Market Crashes Below 2007 Highs Despite Massive Surge On Trump Stimulus Plan – Something Is Breaking: Fed Fails To Ease Epic Dollar Shortage As FRA/OIS Goes Parabolic – The Greatest Depression: Charles Nenner: “We Are Heading For A Depression” – Get Ready For Your Lifestyle To Change Indefinitely Because Of This Coronavirus Pandemic – “This Is Just The Beginning”: Shocked Wall Street Traders Respond To An Insane Market – Trump ‘Fully Supports’ House Coronavirus Bill; Vote Expected Tonight – After 79% Sales Crash In February, China Automakers Beg Government For Bailout – Democrats Want To Reverse Trump’s Travel Bans Despite Coronavirus Spread -AND NOW: DARPA’s Pandemic Prevention Platform Could Develop Therapeutic “Shield” To Fight Covid-19 By Summer – Bill Gates Resigns From Microsoft Board – US Summons Chinese Ambassador Over “Blatant, Global” Covid-19 Disinformation Campaign – First Point Of Joe Biden’s Covid-19 Action Plan Is To Stop “Racism” – Black Swans, Dead Cats, Live Bats, And A Goodbye To All That – US Moves Patriot Missiles To Iraq; Outraged Baghdad Says “Consequences” Coming After Airstrikes – Simon Black: Just How Bad Will It Get? – Is South Korea About To Unleash A Neutron Bomb Across Global Stock Markets – Erdogan Blasts “Nazi” Greeks For Denying’ Refugees’ Access To Europe – The MH17 Show Trial Isn’t About Justice Or Closure, But Information Warfare – NWO: If You’re Close To The Scene Of A Crime, Police Can Demand Google Hand Over Your Data – The US Navy Is Developing Autonomous Submarines That Can Kill On Their Own… What could possibly go wrong? – Iran Asks IMF For $5BN Emergency Loan As Death Toll Soars Near 500

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…because it’s coming, as planned by TPTB…

…next up:

Collapse, high inflation/hyperinflation > revolution & all-out civil war (in the US and Europe) > directly followed by WW3.

All planned by TPTB, as I’ve been telling you for many years now.

Trump, like Obama, the Clintons, the Bushs, isa n Illuminati puppet and does what he is told to do…

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