Ohio’s Top Health Official Says “We Believe 100,000 People” Already Infected With Covid-19 In State – Italy Reports Largest Jump In Deaths, Disney Halts Production On All Live-Action Films – Spain Declares National Emergency As PM Warns ‘We Could Have 10,000 Cases By Next Week’ – Canada’s First Lady Tests Positive For The Coronavirus – “One Billion Infected In 81 Days?”: Explaining Exponential Growth & Epidemics – Miami Mayor Tests Positive After Meeting With President Bolsonaro & His Staff (Pretty much the entire city government has gone into self-quarantine) – Brazilian Presidency: Bolsonaro Has Tested Negative For Covid-19 After Widespread Reports Of Positive – First person on Lejeune has tested positive for coronavirus – Two JPMorgan employees in NYC have coronavirus – A spike in coronavirus cases could overwhelm U.S. hospitals by the end of March, Defense Department monitoring shows – First Coronavirus Death Confirmed In India As “Horror Of Country’s Mismanagement Emerges” – Stupidity Getting Punished: Last Week’s ‘Women’s Day’ March Led To Surge Of Deadly Coronavirus Infections In Madrid – Health Experts Slam “Wooden” UK Coronavirus Response: “Playing Roulette With People’s Lives” – Seattle Running Dangerously Low On Protective Gear Amid Largest Outbreak In Country

‘Could’??? Will!!!….

He’s doing everything in his power…except closing borders and stopping flights…

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