New Jersey Confirms “Community Spread” Of Covid-19; Italy Closes All Stores Except Groceries & Pharmacies – Coronavirus death rate in Italy now at 6.6% !!! – WHO Declares COVIDー19 A Pandemic, Deeply Concerned At “Alarming Level Of Inaction” – US Coronavirus Cases Double In 48 Hours, And “Everyone Else Will Be Italy In 9-14 Days Time” – NY Gov. activates National Guard to create “containment zone” while Colorado Gov. declares State of Emergency, USA approaches 1,000 confirmed infections – Here’s how Trump can end the coronavirus epidemic in just 30 days… (Hint: You won’t like it, and our republic may not survive) – Los Angeles County Confirms First Coronavirus Death – US Senators To Ask Trump To Issue National Emergency Declaration For Coronavirus As Markets Plummet – US Coronavirus: 1076 cases, 34 Skull deaths – Hmmm… 75,000 US troops globally showing “signs” of Covid-19

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Germany: Merkel says 60-70% of population could become infected by coronavirus – Kanzlerin Merkel zu Coronavirus: “60 bis 70 % in Deutschland werden sich infizieren“

Dr. Fauci Warns “Worst Is Yet To Come”: Coronavirus Is “10x More Lethal Than The Flu,” Could Infect “Millions” Of Americans

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Coronavirus death rate in Italy now at 6.6% !!!…

Dr. Rima Laibow:

“The WHO Is A Private Corporation Just Like The Federal Reserve And Receives More Than Two Thirds of Its Funding From The Pharmaceutical Industry.”


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