World News (Mar 8, 2020 EDN): Market Massacre: Oil Crashes 30%, Dow Down 1,000, VIX Explodes As Spoos Crater – Market Bloodbath: Middle East Stocks Crater; Kuwait Halted; Aramco Below IPO – Bloodbath at middle east markets today over #COVID19 – Coronavirus: The Catalyst For System Failure? – JPMorgan: The Credit And Funding Markets Are Starting To Crack – Peter Schiff: Fed’s Response To Coronavirus Is Just “Delaying The Day Of Reckoning” – Confused Biden Calls Himself “Obiden Bama” & Says “We Can Only Re-Elect Donald Trump” – Trump Campaign Sues CNN For Millions Over ‘False And Defamatory’ Statements – Draining the intelligence community swamp? Trump’s new hires will all be Israel’s – Former CIA Officer Philip Giraldi: Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself? – New Evidence Shows Coronavirus Started In The US, Not China – Russian Foreign Ministry on Bolivia, the Open Skies Treaty, and Illegal Israeli Settlements – Tulsi Gabbard Disqualified from Upcoming Debates by Dems After Qualifying – Deadly E. coli strain bioengineered to attack food supply and cause fatalities – Italy sports minister calls for halt to Serie A over coronavirus – This robot is serving hot meals to medical staff in Wuhan! – New York Power Plant Mines $50,000 Of Bitcoin A Day

Total financial collapse is planned by TPTB.


S&P Craters Limit Down

Anti… -cancer, -viral (incl. the coronavirus), -bacteria, -cancer…

Get those tweets translated…


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