World News (Feb 26, 2020 EDN): EU Officials Refuse To Implement Border Controls To Stop Coronavirus – President Trump Announces VP Pence As Coronavirus Czar, Stocks Slide – Coronavirus Paralyzes Global Credit Market As New Issuance Crashes To Zero – Rabobank: We Simply Don’t Have Enough Hospitals Or ICU Units Anywhere – Trump Furious With CDC For ‘Spooking’ Market: WaPo – Stockman Warns “The Jig Is Up!”: Covid-19 And The Defenestration Of The Central Bankers – ABC Suspends Socialist Correspondent After Project Veritas Sting – Paramount Halts ‘Mission: Impossible’ Filming In Venice Due To Virus Outbreak – Russia Slams US For Floating ‘Truce’ Talks With Terror Groups In Idlib – America’s Newest Most Powerful Submarine Has A Stealth Problem: The sonar-absorbing material is falling off. – Ron Paul Blasts Trump’s Betrayal Of Julian Assange – Hong Kong Embraces Helicopter Money: Govt Gives Every Adult Citizen HK$10,000 – The Grim Reality About Pandemics They Don’t Want You To Know: “No Country Is Prepared” – Acting DNI chief Grenell ‘was taking orders’ from Trump when he sought to secure Assange’s arrest, leaked call suggests – MP Invites Drag Queen Called ‘Flowjob’ to School, Calls Complaining Parents “Homophobic”

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