World News (Feb 25, 2020 EDN): Bond Yields Crash To Record Lows As Stocks Suffer Worst Breadth Since DotCom Collapse – Dow Dumps 2,000 Points From Highs & ‘Jawboning’ Is Failing To Halt The Panic – GE Cut 78,000 Workers In 2019 Amid Stabilization Efforts To Thwart Bankruptcy – Disruption Escalates: Proctor And Gamble Says Over 17,000 Products Potentially Impacted By Coronavirus – It Begins: Chinese Business Conditions Crash Most On Record – More Turkish Troop Deaths In Idlib Bring Russia & Turkey To Breaking Point – Jim Rickards: “1984” Has Come To China… USA Is Next – WHOOPS: Pentagon Completely Loses $700+ Million in Weapons While Waging War Against ISIS in Middle East – “It Will Be Really, Really Bad”: China Faces Financial Armageddon With 85% Of Businesses Set To Run Out Of Cash In 3 Months – MKUltra programmers need some new material (Video) – Bloomberg Burning $5.6 Million Per Day On Campaign Advertising – AND NOW: Trump Warns Of Stock Market Crash “Like You Never Have Seen Before” If A Democrat Wins The White House – Red Gold: China’s Stealth Plan To Use Precious Metals For World Domination – French Tourism Crashes By 35% Amid Virus Outbreak; Europe On Recession Watch – Did ISS Live-Feed Accidentally Capture “Top Secret” Hypersonic Vehicle Test? – Israel Takes Out ‘Islamic Jihad Militants’ In Damascus & Gaza In Rare Simultaneous Air Strikes – Harvey Weinstein Ambulance To Rikers Diverts To Hospital For Unknown Reason – AND NOW: US Claims Russia Spreading Disinfo Blaming America For Coronavirus Outbreak

Next up financial collapse > revolution & civil war > WW3,…

…as planned by TPTB and as predicted…

Got FOOD?…


Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: Police State (FEMA Concentration Camps & FEMA Coffins) – Full Length Video

Get those tweets translated….


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