World News (Feb 18, 2020 EDN): China Claims 95% Of SOEs Have Restarted Production. There’s Just One Problem… …they haven’t! – Supply Chain Chaos Unfolds At Major Chinese Ports As Frozen Meat Containers Pile Up – HSBC To Cut 35,000 Jobs, Shed $100 Billion In Assets As Profits Plunge – Libyan Pro-Haftar Forces Attack Turkish Ship “Loaded With Arms” At Tripoli Port – China Shutdown Fears Spark Dip-Buying Frenzy In Stocks As Gold Soars, Yield Curve Inverts – Porsche Taycan ‘Explodes’ In Florida Garage Causing “Significant Damage” – It’s Just Starting: Apple Supply Woes To Last For Months, Nikkei Reports – Trump Commutes Rod Blagojevich Sentence; Pardons Ex-NY Police Chief Kerik & ‘Junk-Bond King’ Milken – The Angels Are Falling: Macy’s Downgraded To Junk; Stock Tumbles – Jaguar Land Rover UK Factory To Run Out of Chinese Parts In Weeks – “This Is The Wake Up Call”: Apple Virus Shock To Hit Semiconductor Suppliers – Mike Bloomberg: Trojan Horse For Clintonista Revival – Trump Sanctions Rosneft, Russia’s Largest Oil Company, For Helping Maduro In Venezuela – Walmart Misses Across The Board As Guidance Disappoints, Online Sales Slow – Bloomberg Qualifies For Nevada Democratic Debate, Releases ‘AOC-Lite’ Tax Plan – Encore: Insider: Trump Family Cult is Planning WW3

Tesla style…

Meanwhile in ‘The Greatest Economy Ever’…

After the coming planned collapse there will be NO such thing as ‘retirement’…

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