World News (Feb 11, 2020 EDN): Why Is The Government Turning 11 Military Bases Inside The US Into Quarantine Camps? – Erdogan: Syrian govt will pay ‘very heavy price’ for attacks on Turkish troops – Joe Biden: “We Could Run Mickey Mouse Against Trump” And Win (We wonder how that makes Hillary Clinton feel?) – Adelsons to spend $100 million on Trump, Republican re-election bids – “Intelligence Coup Of The Century”: CIA Ran Global Spy Op Using Well-Known Swiss Encryption Company – India, Pakistan should brace for ‘twin invasion’ of locusts from Horn of Africa & Iran, UN warns – CBP Officers at VA. Airport Intercept Dead Birds in Passenger Baggage from China – AIPAC must stop Bernie Sanders… at all costs (Haaretz) – Julian Assange Wins 2020 Gary Webb Freedom of the Press Award – Investigation Reveals State Arresting, Jailing Citizens Over Unpaid Medical Bills – Journalist Abby Martin Sues State of Georgia Over Law Requiring Pledge of Allegiance to Israel – You really can’t make this stuff up: Greta Thunberg Gets TV Show – Bitcoin Will Beat Dow Jones To 40,000: Tom Lee Doubles Down – China’s Banks Face $6 Trillion Coronavirus Cataclysm If Epidemic Is Not Contained Soon – Fed Injects $68 Billion In Liquidity As Third Oversubscribed Term-Repo Confirms Liquidity Shortage Accelerates – Italy’s Largest Bank Firing 6,000 To Boost Stock Buybacks – Trump Cleans House At NSC: Vindmans Were Tip Of Iceberg As 70 Obama Holdovers Axed – Chinese Firms Ask For Billions In Loans Amid Virus Outbreak

And when the grid will go down, as predicted, Bitcoin will go down to ZERO…

Wait, what?…

Get those tweets translated…

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