#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Feb 9, 2020 EDN): Trump Supporters Attacked After Van Plows Through GOP Voter Registration Tent In Florida – Survey: 65 percent of Dutch citizens want less immigration – Greek minister: Asylum for so-called refugees not ‘indefinite’ – Hundreds of migrants have been plucked up off the Libyan coast in the last week & taken to Europe – School Cop Arrested for Sexually Assaulting at Least 7 Children He Was Supposed to Protect – NYPD cop shot in head and neck in ‘attempt to assassinate police officers’ – Miami-Dade school resource officer caught on camera threatening to shoot students



Mila, a 16-year-old French girl who received a slew of rape and death threats after she made anti-Islam statements…

“I hate religion. The Quran is… full of hate. There is only hate in it. Islam is a shit religion. That’s what I think.”

…on social media, said she did “absolutely does not regret” her remarks and defended her right to “blaspheme” on French television.

After her comments, the teenager was subjected to a torrent of death threats and abuse which ultimately led authorities to place her and her family under police protection, Le Figaro reports.

So that French girl has been proven to be spot on by the ‘Religion of Peace’!!!!

I wonder why they hate dogs?…


Get those tweets translated…


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