Coronavirus: Prof. Neil Ferguson, Vice Dean Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College in London, estimates 50K new infections per day in China – Coronavirus Deaths Hit 806, Surpassing Total From 2003 SARS Outbreak… And it only took 29 days – First American Citizen Dies Of Coronavirus In Wuhan; 5 Britons Diagnosed In French Ski Town – Canadian Scientist At Center Of Chinese Bio-Espionage Probe Found Dead In Africa? – “If You Are Angry, Stand Up”: Beijing Scrambles To Tamp Down Unrest As Furious Chinese Take To Social Media – Coronavirus fears lead to panic buying of essentials in Hong Kong – Dr. Francis Boyle: Coronavirus leaked from Wuhan BioLab, as Lyme Disease & West Nile Disease leaked from US Lab at Plum Island – The UAE announces two new cases of Coronavirus – Cruise Ship Horror: Confirmed And Potential Coronavirus Cases On 4 Different Ships Cause A Frenzy Of Panic All Over The Globe

It’s probably nothing…

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