#GrandSolarMinimum & #ClimateChange (Feb 7, 2020 EDN): Powerful, Snow-Packed Winter Storm On March From New Mexico to New England (Video) – GREENLAND’S SMB GAINED 7 GIGATONS YESTERDAY – Big snows: Another snowfall record broken in Revelstoke area in British Columbia – Villages without electricity, water due to 2 meters of snowfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Winter Storm To Pound Northeast With Heavy Snow, Ice, And Rain – “Green Energy”: Wind Turbines Are “Piling Up In Landfills,” Can’t Be Recycled – Atlantic Canada: Winter storm dumping heavy snow and freezing rain, postpone travel until conditions improve – ACCORDING TO DIRECT ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS, CO2 LEVELS WERE ABOVE 400PPM IN THE 1940s – The ‘great’ Green New Deal

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