Wuhan Ordered To Round Up Infected Residents For Mass Quarantine Camps – Original China Virus Whistleblower Doctor Dies – Dubai Confirms Third Coronavirus Death Outside China – “Peak Virus”: China Claims People Under Medical Observation Has Fallen For The First Time – Containment BREACHED: The nCoV coronavirus is out of control; mainstream health experts warn world to prepare for global spread – Nightmare At Sea: Japan Discovers 42 Additional Coronavirus Cases On Quarentined Cruise Ship – Scientists Warn: You Can Contract The Coronavirus More Than Once – The Dystopian Horror Of Life Under Quarantine In China – Mass coronavirus Quarantine Center’s is not setup to treat or cure patients! – A new report of a HUGELY higher coronavirus infection rate. Possibly tens of thousands per day? (Video) – Beijing, a city of 25 million is a ghost town now – “Shoot The Messenger”: What We Can Say Publicly About Coronavirus & What We Can’t – Chinese City Provokes Public Backlash By Stealing Shipment Of Facemasks – Is This A Hospital Or A Coronavirus Deathatorium? – “We’d Rather Die At Home”: Chinese Citizens Rebel Against Mandatory Quarantine As Lockdown Expands – Eerie Drone Footage Of Wuhan Reveals China’s Real “Ghost City” – China Confirms 70 New Deaths, Raising Global Total To 562, As 10 More Cases Confirmed Aboard ‘Diamond Princess’ – The Lies We Are Being Told About The Coronavirus


Death Camp:




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