#GrandSolarMinimum & #ClimateChange (Feb 6, 2020 EDN): Fascinating history of extreme events during Maunder Minimum – Big White ski resort in British Columbia breaks snowfall record – RECORD BREAKING COLD SWEEPS SOUTH KOREA: MULTIPLE CITIES SUFFER THEIR COLDEST-EVER TEMPERATURES – Fierce cold, even record cold, in Kamchatka, Russia – SAN DIEGO TIES COLD RECORD FROM 1894 AS ARCTIC AIR LINGERS ACROSS W. US – Violent storm leaves Italy’s Mount Etna covered in snow as temperatures drop by 20 degrees C – Hobart shifts from scorching hot to freezing cold in one weekend, Tasmania

In 1666, England was struck by massive storms that contain exceptionally large hail and tornadoes.

Some of the hailstones were a foot in circumference…



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