World News (Feb 3, 2020 EDN): 4 Plagues Are Marching Across Asia Simultaneously: Coronavirus, African Swine Fever, H5N1 Bird Flu, & H1N1 Swine Flu – Rare Direct Clash Between Turkish & Syrian Armies Leaves Scores Dead & Wounded – Head Of Iran’s IRGC Operations In Syria Killed Near Aleppo – How big was the Chinese REPO liquidity injection for #coronavirus? This BIG! – US Stealth Jets Can’t Shoot Straight, New Pentagon Report Warns – Brace For Impact: Global Pandemic Already Baked In – TSLA Goes Full AOL, Explodes 25% In 3 Days (Tesla is now 40% bigger than Volkswagen) – Watch #Biden Snap At ‘Today’ Show Anchor Over Hunter & #Burisma Questions – Boeing 767 Makes Emergency Landing After Part Of Landing Gear Falls Off; Stock Slides – China Seeking “Flexibility” On Phase 1 Trade Pledges As Its Economy Grinds To A Halt – The Virus & The Party: “We Are Now In Phase 3…” – Britons Airlifted from Wuhan Ride to Quarantine on Four “Horseman” Buses – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Stunning Corruption in the Vaccine Industry that has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans – “Unprecedented”: Locust invasion approaches full-blown crisis across Africa and southwest Asia – The Jerusalem Post: “The coronavirus outbreak may have been predicted in the Bible, as well as its origins in China’s markets.”

Still on the road to #WW3…


Winter is coming (one way or another), as planned by TPTB…

Vehicle production: 367,000
Revenues: $25 billion
R&D: $1.5 billion
Employees: 45,000

Vehicle production: 11 millions
Revenues: $278 billion
R&D: €13 billion
Employees: 300,000

Get those tweets translated…

As predicted in around 1950 by Alois Irlmaier…

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