World News (Feb 1, 2020 EDN): The Global Supply & Demand Shock Of The Coronavirus: More than 300 of the Global Top 500 companies have a presence in Wuhan – ‘Calm Before The Storm’: How Will The Coronavirus Really Impact The Markets? – Social Media Networks Vow To Censor “Misinformation” About Coronavirus – Bird Flu Is Back: China Faces Yet Another Viral Plague – Ukrainiain ‘Son Of A Bitch Who Got Fired’ Files Criminal Complaint Against Biden For Abuse Of Power – New study suggests Vitamin C is cancer’s worst enemy – Arab League rejects Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ at Cairo summit with Abbas – TSA: Making Woman Take Down Pants & Underwear “Not a Strip Search” – US Taxpayers Paid More To Israeli Defense Budget Than Israelis – Woke Democrats meltdown as Trump impeachment fails – Greta™ trademarks her name and movement (and claims it’s not about the money) – Angry 17-Year-Old Girl To Trademark Her Name To “Protect” Against Misuse: “…the activist formerly known as ‘Greta’…” – “Definition Of A Rigged System”: DNC Changes Debate Rules for Billionaire Latecomer Mike Bloomberg – “BOOOO!”: Squadmate Rashida Tlaib Boos Hillary Clinton At Bernie Sanders Event – Negative Rates Are Forcing German Banks To Hoard So Much Cash They’re Running Out Of Space – The U.S. Cities With The Most Homeless People – Has The FBI Been Lying About Seth Rich? – RIP America: Did you know that America is not a country? America was sold to the bankers in 1871 – Panic-buying in Hong Kong (#coronavirus) – Meanwhile in France… – Meanwhile in the UK… – Brexit: What The European Union Loses

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UPDATE: ZeroHedge on its suspension – #BreakingNews: Twitter Has Just Suspended ZeroHedge!!! – Because of what? Maybe Because Of This: Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon

Meanwhile in France…

Paris is predicted by several seers to get totally burnt to the ground (just prior to WW3!) and now we understand much better how such a scenario could play out.

Meanwhile in the UK…

Get those tweets translated…

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