World News (Jan 31, 2020 EDN): Senate Blocks Witnesses In Impeachment Trial; Trump Acquittal Scheduled For Wednesday – Pentagon Report: Boeing’s New Nuclear Bomb Guidance System Has Software “Vulnerability” – Now It’s 64: Wounded US Troop Count From Iran Attack Still Growing -Thousands Of Palestinians Clash With Police In West Bank & Jordan Over Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’ – Pandemic-onium Sparks Global Market Meltdown, Bonds Soar Most In 5 Years – Coronavirus Explained: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Lift Your Mask To Ask – Hillary Tweets “No One Is Above the Law” Then Refuses To Accept Lawsuit Against Her – Dow Drops 400 Points, Turns Red For 2020, Tests Critical Technical Level – Chicago PMI Plunges To Lowest In 4 Years – Turkey Deploys Warships, Air Defenses & Heavy Armor To Libya – US: Permanent Trillion Dollar Deficits – Trump gives US military back INTERNATIONALLY-BANNED landmines – Experts Call For Moratorium On 5G Wireless Technology – A Vision For Israel By The Man They Own (David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast) – Democrats Demand YouTube Censor “Climate Misinformation” Videos – US EPA Continues Glyphosate Cancer Cover Up with Regulatory Review Publication


The Babylon Bee…#Satire…

Not The Onion…

Get those tweets translated….

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