#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Jan 24, 2020 EDN): French kid having one of those tough days in his elementary school (Video) – Machete blows to the head do not qualify as “attempted murder” any longer – Baltimore: A Once Great City That Is Now The Murder Capital Of America – Cop Gets 4 Years in Prison for Urinating on Little Girl, Filming It, Trying to Kidnap Her – Merkel: Libya Becoming ‘New Syria Proxy War’ With “Enormous Floods Of Migrants” – Audio: Harvey Weinstein Threatens Actress Over Massage; Accuser Breaks Down In Tears For ‘Letting Him Rape Her’ – Large Explosions Rock Apartments in Swedish No-Go Suburbs – Pharma Founder Gets 66 Months For Bribing Doctors To Overprescribe Deadly Opioids

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