#GrandSolarMinimum & #ClimateChange (Jan 23, 2020 EDN): New Study: 3°C Cooling In The Last 200 Years, 7°C Warmer ~7800 Years Ago In France – AUSTRALIA HAS BEEN ANOMALOUS COLD OF LATE – Snowfall blankets southern Jordan – Heavy snow hits Hokkaido after below-average December, Japan – Please inform these cold-stunned Floridian Iguanas that #GlobalWarming is real… they keep falling from the trees like idiots – Iguana Meat Floods The Florida Market; Wintry Mess Targets Ccentral US Into Late Week (Video)- “THE FIRST” ROBUST SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR CLOUD-ALBEDO CONTROL OF EARTH’S CLIMATE [NOT CO2] – Prince Charles calls for green TAXES as he meets Greta Thunberg in Davos (after flying in on a private jet) and pitches radical new world economy to tackle climate change

For my German speaking readers…

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