World News (Jan 9, 2020 EDN): Israel Bombs Weapons Depot Run By Iranian Militia – Rockets Reportedly Hit Near US Base North Of Baghdad (Again) – Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’ – 6 things you aren’t being told about the US assassination of Soleimani (VIDEO) – Romanian health minister: Mandatory vaccination is a priority for us – Israeli defense minister seeks ‘million’ settlers in West Bank – Video From Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Cell “No Longer Exists,” Government Says – Central Banks Continue “Remarkable” Gold-Buying Spree – Gold Spikes To Record High In Euros As Geopolitical Risk Rises – Dave Chappelle: “The First Amendment is first for a reason. The Second Amendment is just in case the first one doesn’t work out.” – Bill Clinton poses with Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell and a sex slave on board private jet the ‘Lolita Express’ – Record Number Of Guns Sold As Dems Vow To Disintegrate Rights – New Cambridge Analytica Leaks Reveal Psychological Manipulation Of Global Population – Baltic Dry Plunges Most Since 2008 As Tariff-Frontrunning Ends – The USA Has Been Bombing Iraq For 29 Years – Virginia Wants To Close Non-Govt Gun Ranges And Create Ammo-Free Zones – Big(gest) Brother: US Starts Collecting DNA At Border Entry


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