#GrandSolarMinimum & #ClimateChange (Jan 8, 2020 EDN): Record heavy blizzard engulfs parts of Newfoundland, Canada – Huge blizzard leaves parts of Newfoundland buried under 50 cm of snow – 2.3 metres of snowfall in a week reported at ski resorts in Western USA – Blizzard dumps 16 inches of snow on Greece’s Mount Parnassus – 51% snowier than average in Aspen, Colorado – 493 roads closed as fresh snowfall hits the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh – Connecting Charlemagne and the Vikings to Global Warming – Major multi-hazard storm forecast to impact the Southern Plains and Midwest this Friday, shifting to the East Coast over the weekend – Stratospheric polar vortex reaches coldest temperature in 40 years — Earth Changes – “Measuring over Reykjavik, Iceland, it has recorded the lowest temperature in the stratosphere in the past 40 years, at -96°C (-141°F).”


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