#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Dec 31, 2019 EDN): UK Knife Crime Hit Record Highs in 2019, Despite Sadiq Khan’s ‘Knife Control’ – Teenager Kills ‘Pedophile Priest Who Abused Him’ by Ramming Crucifix Down His Throat – Germany: Stabbing between Arabs over a woman in Güstrow – German stabbed in the stomach by a Tajik in Lauchhammer – Texans Swiftly Shoot And Kill Mass Shooter At West Freeway Church of Christ In White Settlement – Only in Germany can you threaten an officer with a machete then attempt to pull a gas pistol on him and walk free the next day – “Southern” men brutally attack two men (19) in Cologne – Court: Cologne has to house illegals despite the fact that their asylum applications have been rejected – Replacement is just a conspiracy theory: Over 100,000 asylum applications for children born in Germany – Number of child benefit recipients reaches new record high because of refugees in Germany – Austria: Radicalization on the Internet: Islamization of Linz Kindergartens

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