#GrandSolarMinimum (Dec 23, 2019 EDN): 40 SPOTLESS DAYS AND COUNTING… – WOMEN’S WORLD CUP DOWNHILL CANCELLED [FOR SECOND DAY IN A ROW] DUE TO HEAVY SNOW – Study: No Discernible Link From CO2 Forcing To Climate For 97% Of The Last 425 Million Years – 8000 Years Of Zero Correlation Between CO2 And Temperature, GISP 2 Ice Core Shows… Opposite Is True! – UK Mean Temps For November Have Been Cooling Moderately Since 1998, And US Christmas Day Sees No Trend – New Forecast Screams ‘Real Winter’ for Great Lakes Region; 69-Car Pileup Near Williamsburg Virginia (Video) – Landslides strand over 8 000 vehicles, up to 1 m (3 feet) of fresh snow in Jammu and Kashmir – Storms Elsa and Fabien leave nine people dead across Europe – The Great Year; The Yuga Cycle; Cosmic Catastrophe Cyle; The Clock Cycle; Micro Nova & Amnesia (Video)



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