#GrandSolarMinimum (Dec 22, 2019 EDN): Magnetic Reversal Close? Both Poles Are Now on Same Side of the Earth Geologist Oppenheimer Ranch – Seattle Experienced Its Gloomiest Day Since Recordings Began ; Carbon Dioxide Facts Explained (Video) – ABC, Climate experts do damage control on 1896 heatwave story, can’t say why, but they “know” it was cooler. Faith! – WETTEST SEATTLE SINCE 1900, DRIEST AUSTRALIA SINCE 1903… REPEATING CYCLES TO BLAME, NOT CO2 – What’s Happening in 2023 that Governments Are Preparing For ? (Celeste Solum 4/5) – Money During The Grand Solar Minimum and Don’t Buy Christmas Presents – ‘Worst floods in 23 years’ displace around 37 000 in Narathiwat, southern Thailand

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