#GrandSolarMinimum (Dec 9, 2019 EDN): US: Record-high snow cover across the Lower 48 – US: New Arctic outbreak underway across the northern United States; will deliver extremely cold weather across the Midwest and Great Lakes in the coming days! 30-35 °F colder temperatures than normal expected! – Calgary sees snowiest November in 50 years, Canada – A DAY’S WAGES: Farms “Like Lambs To The Slaughter” (Video) – UK: Carrot shortage as floods and cold weather cripple production – Next Round Of Snow and Arctic Blast Arrive Mid Week; Volcanoes Create Global Warming Now… (Video) – David Bellamy: “We’ve done plenty to smash up the planet, but there’s been no global warming caused by man.” The BBC ended this veteran environmentalist’s career because of these views. – SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN’S BRAVE NEW WORLD… [PLANS AFOOT TO JAIL FOSSIL FUEL EXECUTIVES] – GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM – BRITAIN’S OLDEST PATCH OF SNOW “SURVIVED” THE SUMMER OF 2019 – NEW YORK STATE: 7 COUNTIES DECLARED “SNOW/STATE EMERGENCIES” THIS WEEK – Trekkers suffering hypothermia due to metre of snow, freezing temperatures in summer in Tasmania, Australia – Climate and Human Civilization over the last 18,000 years – The world economy ‘would collapse’ if it followed the ‘Greta Thunberg approach’ (The Bolt Report – Sky News Australia) – Greta Thunberg Says Its NOT About The Environment, Its About Ending Patriarchy And Colonialism – GRETA SNAPS: ‘Change Everything,’ ‘Climate Crisis’ About ‘Colonial, Racist, And Patriarchal Systems Of Oppression,’ Fossil Fuel ‘Literally’ Killing Us – Danish Academic: U.N. May Use Military To Enforce Climate Action






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