#GrandSolarMinimum (Dec 4, 2019 EDN): NASA: Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum – United States: Record-high snow cover across the Lower 48 – AUSTRALIA JUST SUFFERED ITS COLDEST SUMMER DAY ON RECORD (MAINSTREAM MEDIA SILENT) – Natgas Ready To Soar? Next Cold Pattern Could Spark Energy Demand For 118 Million Americans – A White Christmas for Australia? – A Big Earthquake In The US Pacific Northwest? – 10,000 Years Of Cascadia Earthquakes: Highest CO2 Concentrations on Record and Coldest In Europe in Decades – US: Record winter storm finally exits Northeast, leaving widespread chaos and at least 7 people dead – THE CUSTODIANS OF THE NORTH HAVE SPOKEN, BUT WHO’S LISTENING? – Potent winter storm dumps up to 3 feet of snow in Northeast USA

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