#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Dec 3, 2019 EDN): UK: 12-year-old girl “passed around like a piece of meat” by Middle Eastern rape gang – Top Hungarian official says 100,000 migrants gathering on Balkan Peninsula – Documentary on Muslim Brotherhood exposes how they introduce sharia into our society via HALAL foods & products & NOW claiming HALAL Territories – Senator Stéphane Ravier slams globalist-engineered ‘Great Replacement’ & deadly illegal immigration which has resulted in “anti-French, anti-white, anti-Christian racism” – Iraqi Christians warn Sweden: “If Islamists gain power, they won’t treat you according to human rights, but Sharia” – Sweden: Less than 1 in 10 voters think Social Democrats can stop gang violence – School Cop Arrested for Allegedly Raping Child He Was Tasked with ‘Protecting’ – Danish govt strips third IS terrorist of citizenship – Russian truck drivers know how to keep illegals out.






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