#GrandSolarMinimum (Dec 3, 2019 EDN): GREENLAND’S SMB GAINED 14 GIGATONS OVER THE PAST 2 DAYS ALONE, PUSHING THIS SEASON ABOVE THE 1981-2010 AVERAGE – The Northeast starts to dig out after snowstorm drops more than two feet in spots (Video) – 2 feet of new snow in Sierra, 6 feet in a week above Tahoe – Australia has been hit by summer snow, as the out-of-season weather blanketed ski fields and the alpine regions in white – Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event to Freeze Northern Hemisphere – Freezing start to summer as heavy snow blankets Australian Alps – UK SNOW FORECAST – Snow cover reaches early-December record in Lower 48 U.S. states after back-to-back storms


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