Where Did the Missing TRILLIONS Go? – Catherine Austin Fitts on The Corbett Report (Video)

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20 thoughts on “Where Did the Missing TRILLIONS Go? – Catherine Austin Fitts on The Corbett Report (Video)”

  1. Looks like the countries of the EU are preparing for a cold winter….all except little old incompetent U.K. which has allowed all its strategic energy needs to be subject to open market exigencies….per Thatcher’s sell off under guidance from Zionist economist Milton Friedman.

    Total reliance on market forces just might not be a good policy as the Grand Solar Minimum of Solar Cycle 25 gets its foot in the door. Forward thinking countries will be prepared.

    Seems we’re headed for interesting times. U.K. has no gas left of its own, and little storage, but LNG tanker offloading facilities will probably maintain a 50% level in high demand circumstances.


  2. Several sections of the National Health Service are already in the clutches of big American Corporations like Baxter Pharmaceuticals.

    It idols a matter of time before the big insurers move in as well. The foundations of our once beautiful NHS are crumbling thanks to greed & incompetence, and soon the system will be exclusively for the wealthy insured as the State disassociates itself.


  3. Plausible reasoning as always, by Jim Stone.
    This time it is the Texas Refinery explosion.

    I am going to tentatively declare my report on the chemical plant explosion as accurate

    ACCURATE: It was a Stuxnet attack, likely fronted by Israel. How do I know? Because I am getting nailed here, and that happens every time I hit one on the head that no one else guessed. It was extremely difficult getting into the site because someone keeps interfering with the connection.

    Here is my be all end all speculation:

    This chemical plant explosion was an attack and I am offhandedly assuming it is against Trump for de-regulation of some aspects of the chemical industry. Everyone is blaming Trump for causing this, but you can’t de-regulate something and then get the results within a day unless someone causes it on purpose, this one is quite obvious folks.
    If there are more explosions with other industrial facilities, it is a fairly safe bet someone is softening the United States before a war, which Trump could have easily sparked by signing the Hong Kong rights declaration.

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