#GrandSolarMinimum (Nov 27, 2019 EDN): $10,000 PRIZE TO THE FIRST APPLICANT TO PRESENT EVIDENCE THAT MAN-MADE CO2 CAUSES GLOBAL WARMING – FRIGID cold spreads across northeast Russia, down to -54 °C reported in Verhojansk! – HISTORIC SNOWFALL FORCES MANY COLORADO COMMUNITIES TO “ALL BUT SHUT DOWN” – Heavy snowfall at Lake Tahoe, Mt. Rose gets almost 2 feet, Heavenly a foot and it’s still coming down – Unusual, record-breaking storm slams West Coast – A very dark day for climate science. @NOAA has blocked access to their raw temperature data. – Parts of Minnesota get close to a foot of snow – Heavy snow on one end, ‘bomb cyclone’ on the other threatens U.S. Thanksgiving travel – AND NOW: ‘Mobilisation on World War Two scale required to achieve climate targets’ (Video) – Sudden Stratospheric Event to Freeze N Hemisphere with Ozone Hole (Adapt 2030 Video)

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