#GrandSolarMinimum (Nov 12, 2019 EDN): ARCTIC CONDITIONS GRIP THE UNITED STATES, REWRITE THE RECORD BOOKS, THIS IS BIG – Major Arctic storm hits USA and Canada, record cold temperatures spreading into southern Plains – Officials are using the word ‘disaster’ to describe the widespread crop failures happening all over America – Norway: Huge amounts of snow in Tromsø: Most in almost a hundred years (Actually, there’s a record amount of snow in the entire country!) – November snowstorm shocker dumps up to 30 inches in Michigan (UPDATE) – 8 inches of snow blankets southern Alberta – Heavy snowfall blocks roads in #Algeria – Typical January weather in Sweden (home of #GretaThunberg), except it is November! – Record cold possible from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast – Anomalously severe cold in Siberia… I wonder how much ice will melt at −44°C (-47F) – Freezing from Texas to Maine – Shiveluch just popped to 33,000 feet! – The REAL inconvenient truth: Polar bears thriving in spite of climate change, but saying this gets scientists fired

Got food?…

Up to 30 inches of global warming goodness…


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