#GrandSolarMinimum (Nov 11, 2019 EDN): Hello Greta: Here’s the weather forecast for Sweden: Now comes the extreme winter: “25-30 minus,” warns the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) – Anomalously severe cold in Siberia for the time of year – SEVERE -30C (-22F) SNOWSTORMS TO STRIKE PARTS OF EUROPE – Are You Ready For A Catastrophically Cold Winter? Here’s What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You… – France shivers in early cold spell of winter – As Winter Storm Arrives, Chaos Unfolds At Chicago O’Hare As Passenger Jet Slides Off Runway – ORANGE ‘HEAVY SNOW’ ALERTS ISSUED ACROSS SPAIN – INDIA: SNOW-CLEARING OPERATIONS UNDERWAY FOLLOWING LAST WEEK’S DEADLY STORMS – Late spring snow blankets parts of Tasmania a week after bushfires raged – 35 % of apple orchards heavily damaged by 5-feet deep snow in Kashmir

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