#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Nov 7, 2019 EDN): Families Of Cartel-Assault Victims Insist Deadly Attack “Was No Accident” – Italy’s Leftist Government Hands Out More Cash To Migrants Than Disabled Italians – Soon more than 1/3rd of Germany’s population will have migrant backgrounds – Netherlands: Asylum centers face housing shortage as migration continues to surge – Spillover Chaos: Homicides Jump 52% In Baltimore County Amid Murder Crisis In Baltimore City – Verboten In Thuringia: Merkel’s CDU Feels AfD’s Heat – Glenn Greenwald Assaulted By Pro-Bolsonaro Goon During Live Broadcast – African pirates kidnap crew of 9 sailors onboard Norwegian cargo ship – Germany: Antifa extremists brutally assault female real estate employee in her own home – You gonna die, bro. A real video from Kanas City – Carl Beech made stunning allegations that senior British politicians and military figures were engaged in a murderous pedophile ring – Should Europe Bring Back The Fighters Who Left For ISIS?

No Kalergi plan over here…


‘Bullish’ for the economy…


#MigrantCrisis anyone???…

Such hard & risky work is not needed in Germany. Free money, free housing, free food, free WiFi, small jail sentences (if at all) for sexual assault and rape for all migrants (especially muslim migrants) only. Come to Germoney (sic)!…




Get those tweets translated…



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