#GrandSolarMinimum (Nov 4, 2019 EDN): IN THE LAST 30 DAYS, THE UNITED STATES SET 7,112 NEW ALL-TIME LOW TEMP RECORDS VS JUST THE 1,605 MAX – A STAGGERING 1,204 U.S. SITES RECORDED THEIR COLDEST-EVER OCTOBER TEMPERATURES LAST MONTH – REGIONS OF RUSSIA FORECAST TO RECEIVE THEIR “LARGEST NOVEMBER SNOW TOTALS EVER RECORDED” – Colorado snowpack more than double the average – Early snowfall puts harvest on hold for Tri-State farmers – It’s dumping snow in the Alps and Pyrenees – Ferocious windstorm leaves over 900 000 without power in Quebec, Canada – Storm Amelie hits France, Spain and Italy, leaving over 140 000 homes without electricity – Fact: Australia had the longest ski season ever! Fact: cold records are being smashed all over the world!

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