#GrandSolarMinimum (Oct 31, 2019 EDN): Record Low Temps, Up To 50 Degrees Below Normal, Threaten To Wreck Rest Of Harvest Season – FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK, THE CONTINENTAL U.S. SETS ITS LOWEST-EVER OCTOBER TEMPERATURE + SALT LAKE CITY SUFFERS RECORD MONTHLY COLD – Record cold temperatures across western and central United States – Denver weather: Another record broken as temperatures plunge to near zero – All-time record cold sweeps Alberta, Canada – First snow falls on Sljeme in Croatia – Dangerous Storms Spoil Halloween, Leave Half A Million Without Power Across Northeast – U.S. Winter-Wheat Acres Set to Drop to Lowest in 110 Years – World’s oldest ice core could solve mystery of ‘flipped’ ice age cycles – Study finds increase in Antarctic sea ice could have triggered an ice age – 200 000 forced to evacuate, fatalities feared as massive floods hit Beledweyne, Somalia – Lightning strike leaves 15-foot hole in parking lot in Fort Worth, Texas – 47 years of satellite data by NOAA. Global warming is a farce.

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