#GrandSolarMinimum: ALL-TIME RECORD-COLD SWEEPS ALBERTA, CANADA – MORE RECORD LOW TEMPERATURES FALL IN B.C., INCLUDING ONE FROM 1935 (SOLAR MIN OF CYCLE 16) – Gulf Stream is 15% weaker, sea south of Greenland coldest in 1,000 years – THE CONTINENTAL U.S. JUST SET ITS COLDEST-EVER OCTOBER TEMP, BREAKING THE PREVIOUS RECORD FROM 1917 – SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA SETS A NEW ALL-TIME LOW TEMPERATURE RECORD IN BOOKS DATING BACK TO 1913 – RECORD COLD MONTANA – CYMI: Surge of Arctic air brings record cold temperatures and widespread snow, USA – Winter Blast To Dump Heavy Snow Across Rockies, Plains, Midwest This Week – Heavy first snowfall near Riga, Latvia this evening 29th October! (Video) – The “4 Key Findings” of IPCC about Climate Change are all UNTRUE. Here are papers proving this for each “finding” – Summit County ski areas in Colorado have already received up to 42 inches of October snowfall – Snow piling up at Red Lodge Mountain, Montana with 2 feet of new snow over weekend

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