World News (Oct 9, 2019 EDN): Trump Again Threatens To “Wipe Out” Turkey’s Economy As Full Ground Invasion Begins – Joe Biden ‘Personally Paid $900,000 By Burisma’ According To Ukrainian MP In Bombshell Admission – “This Is The Third World”: Up To 3 Million Californians To Lose Power As PG&E Begins “Unprecedented” Blackouts – “Ghost Town”: Russian Crew Films Hastily-Abandoned US Base In Syria As Turks Move In – BREAKING: FISA court rules FBI’s use of foreign surveillance tools against Americans was a huge violation of the law and the Fourth Amendment – Church Of England: The UK Must Ban “Pointy Knives” – Forget Facial Recog: DHS New Amazon-Based Database Uses Scars, Tattoos, & Your Voice To ID You… and you can’t opt-out! – For The First Time Ever, Greece Issues Negative Yielding Debt – After intense protests: Ancient history not removed from Swedish history classes – Germany paid 364 million euros for wind parks that produced no electricity at all – WHO admits polio outbreak in the Philippines caused by polio vaccines… outbreak “caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2” – CDC admits 98 million Americans were given cancer virus via the polio shot – Epstein Co-Conspirators Named By Accuser; Alleged Pedo Scout Ready To Spill The Beans – AOC Suddenly Flip-Flops, Now Thinks Pulling Out Of Syria Is Terrible Idea – FT Issues Correction, Now Says China Ready To Boost Soybean Purchases by 10MM Tonnes, Not By $10Bn – Mount Olympus receives first heavy snowfall for 2019 season in Greece – Winter is coming, or is it here? Up to 10 inches of snow at Stevens Pass, Washington – Over 500 people rescued from snow-struck Rohtang Pass in India – CLIMATE ACTION: This is what fighting natural climate change looks like – Water Poisoning Alerts Hidden From Public – Peter Schiff: “Gold Is Going To Be Money Again” Because Of Gigantic Global Debt Time Bomb

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