Confirmed Epic Trolling Of AOC: Woman At AOC Town Hall Insists “We Must Eat The Babies” To Stop Climate Change


However, financial collapse, followed by revolution & all-out civil war, is predicted.

All planned by TPTB.

There will be no safe drinking water & food.

Also the grid will go down.

What will those people that are totally unprepared eat and drink then?

At least Hollywood is preparing the people with all those Zombie Apocalypse movies, Hunger Games, etc. for what is coming.


‘Winter Is Coming!’…

… #GrandSolarMinimum & #GlobalCooling …

…with many of the most important food producing areas (worldwide) going offline.


The US Has No Strategic Grain Reserves – Feed/Seed Shortages (Video)- #GSM #GrandSolarMinimum #ClimateChange #GlobalCooling

In summary:

We are only…

‘Two Steps From Hell’…

* * *

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