#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Oct 1, 2019 EDN): Germany: Two women (18,19) raped on Sunday morning by a black perpetrator in Mönchengladbach – Despite screaming for help a 29-year-old woman was rapped by a man (26) from Uganda in Munich – Germany: Afghan (28) ties up female colleague (28) and rapes her in Traunstein – “Refugees” scream “Kill the Police” after a deadly fire in Greece – 20 percent more victims treated for gunshot wounds in Sweden – Sweden Makes It Legal For Jihadist Migrants To Leave With The Intent Of Committing Terror Acts, Then Return – Netherlands: Mosque-run Salafist schools are indoctrinating children with radical Islamic worldviews – Moroccan (33) allegedly rapes woman (21) in a toilet of a club in Dresden – Germany: Trouble making Syrian threatens bouncer with a knife in Tübingen – Germany: Woman (75) chased by man (20-25) with his penis out in Aalen. He is described to have a dark complexion – Sword-Wielding Student Kills 1, Wounds 10 During Attack At Finnish Vocational College… What we know so far


‘The Religion Of Peace’…



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