#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Sept 26, 2019 EDN): Sweden Spinning Out Of Control; “Stop the rapes… you are letting the women down…” – Virgin van driver ‘killed 10 people because he was sexually frustrated’ – Sweden: Vast majority of Malmö shooting suspects have migrant backgrounds – Netherlands: Jihadists who joined terrorist groups abroad to receive passports back – Belgium: African migrants arrested for armed robbery in Berlaar – Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Pedo Scout Flees To Brazil – Former Florida Police Officer Claims to Have Extensive Data on Epstein and Prince Andrew Rigged to Dead Man’s Switch – 24yo Man Leaving a Music Festival Killed by 3 Cops Who All Tasered Him at the Same Time – Hungary’s Orbán: “We reject migrant quotas, but accept deportation quotas with pleasure”




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What the hell? May that bloody bastard Haidar A. get what he deserves…



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