What is going on here? I’ve posting the following information now, because this has happened before…

Don’t get me wrong, because I really do like the work of Melissa and Aaron Dykes over at Truthstreammedia.

They’ve posted the following video on their twitter account () and were commenting along these lines:

‘The following video is absolutely heartbreaking’

(((…in case you want to see her with makeup & not whining go to her YouTube channel, where she has uploaded several other videos… also on Sept. 11.)))

After me replying with the following tweets (and you can see that it was a reply to in my tweet):

…they’ve deleted their tweet:


The question is why would they want to do that?

I am posting this now, because this has happened before, not only with them, but with other well known alternative news sites on twitter as well.

Always very shortly after I’ve sent a reply – and I rarely do send replies – they (those alternative news sites) deleted their tweets.

What is going on here?

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