#GrandSolarMinimum: Worst storm in 140 years hits Spain: 6 dead, 300,000 ha (741,000 acres) of prime agricultural land destroyed – Early winter weather stuns western Norway – Summer snow falls on top of Sierra Nevada – Early snow comes early to northern city in Heilongjiang, China – BISHOP AIRPORT, CALIFORNIA REGISTERS COLDEST SEPT. 10 SINCE RECORDS BEGAN IN 1895 – NORTH AMERICA BRACES FOR BRUTAL POLAR INVASION – INCREDIBLY RARE LOW-LEVEL SNOW TAKES AUSSIE FORECASTERS BY SURPRISE – Worst flooding in 50 years hits Niger’s capital Niamey – Rain, floods claim 1,422 lives so far this year in India – Koh Chang in Thailand inundated with floods and rough seas after 2 days of torrential rain – Algeria’s capital Algiers hit with 3 months’ worth of rain in 40 minutes – Spain: More flash flooding hits Arganda Del Rey, Madrid… Less than three weeks after last deluge – 54 areas of the Philippines flooded due to tropical depression Marilyn – Strombolian explosions every 3 – 5 minutes, new scoria cone growing in the crater, Mount Etna. – Floods kill 33 across northern Thailand – Large hail pounds Glidden, Iowa – Bolivia: Losses of up to 90% in banana production due to extreme winds

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