On September 12, 1683 The Turks Almost Took Vienna – So Either Europe Has Learned NOTHING From History Or The Invasion Of Muslim Migrants Is The Plan Of TPTB

Die Türken vor Wien – Die zweite Belagerung

And yes, ‘The Invasion Of Muslim Migrants Is The Plan’, as I’ve told you many times.

And the Kalergi plan

is just a small part of much bigger geopolitical plans and an absolutely satanic elite agenda.

 And it is probably just a ‘coincidence’ that the following Illuminati puppets received

the Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize???


Coudenhove-Kalergi Preis für:

2014: Jean-Claude Juncker, EU-Kommissionspräsident

2012: Herman Van Rompuy, Ex-Ratspräsident der EU

Next  up: Financial collapse, high inflation/hyperinflation, directly followed by all-out civil war, which will be immediately followed by WW3, as planned by TPTB.

However, all of this is a smokescreen until the earth changes (asteroids hitting earth, pole shift, etc.) will set in, which will put an abrupt end to WW3, as predicted.

I know for many this might sound too crazy to believe, which is why they will easily dismiss it, BUT a lot of what has already happened and what is happening right now has been predicted and foreseen by many, many seers.

And they have been proven right… time and time again.

And then we have those whistleblowers that have told us that all of the above is indeed on the elite agenda.

* * *

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