#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Sept 6, 2019 EDN): UN Global Comms Chief Says Illegally Entering The U.S. Is A Right – Trump Admin Mulls Plan To Drastically Cut Refugees Allowed To Enter Country – Sweden: Multicultural Malmö sees several buildings ‘ripped apart’ in the latest blast – A Muslim Party in Belgium is campaigning and promoting to establish an Islamic state in their new country, being Belgium – UK: ‘Acid attack’ at Birmingham supermarket: Two children and four adults injured – German citizens are arming themselves with firearms – Report: “Migrants’ children are more likely to commit crimes than parents” – HOLY F*CK: “A prominent Swedish lawyer who represented A$AP Rocky in his Stockholm assault case has been shot in the head and chest in an ‘ambush attack'”



Meanwhile in Birminghamistan…


Not real firearms though. At least some Germans have woken up to the reality that they are facing…




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