Migrant Crisis & Crime (Aug 27, 2019 EDN): WATCH: We will criminalise “Migration Speech”. Criticism of migration will be a criminal offence – 88 Percent of persons detained at UK airports are Muslim… “structural Islamophobia” says human rights group – Denmark: Migration minister instructs Somali Muslims to “return home and rebuild the country from which you came” – Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell accused of sexually abusing two sisters in 1996, and threatening to kill them if they reported it – Austria to bring back two sons of dead ISIS jihadist – Slovenia to construct a border fence along its southern border – France: Extreme-left anarchists fined 180,000 euros for arson attack on train – VIDEO: This is how gratitude looks like… – Amsterdam business owner returns from holiday to find his property occupied by 40 squatting ‘asylum seekers’ – Germany 2019: 9,000 residence permits given to foreigners’ family members while homelessness increased by up to 20 percent – 356 migrants onboard the Ocean Viking to be taken in by six EU countries – Woman shot dead after masked gunmen open fire on Swedish beach – Norway says it won’t be taking in any migrants from NGO ship Open Arms – Greece: Athens police raid squatter camps sheltering illegal migrants and far-left anarchists – Salvini praised for standing up to the EU over mass migration, the “wave of organized crime”






Send her home ASAP…









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