Migrant Crisis & Crime (Aug 7, 2019 EDN): Thieves make off with $2.5mn in gold coins after Mexican mint leaves vault door OPEN – “33 criminal convictions? Welcome in the UK!”… Somali migrant invited to stay – WATCH: Cops Claim Mocking Man as They Suffocate Him to Death is Part of Their ‘Strategy’ – GERMANY: STUTTGART SWORD MURDER UPDATE – Wexner: Jeffrey Epstein ‘Misappropriated’ More Than $46 Million Of Fortune – Epstein Maintained Post-Prison Ties To Wall Street Titans,… Who Gladly Embraced Him – “Death Camps For Trump Supporters” Fliers Posted In New York (So much for the tolerant left…) – Venezuela, Uruguay Warn Citizens Traveling To US To Avoid Detroit, Baltimore – Italy to fine migrant rescue ships up to €1 million under new law




…and all those underage girls.


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