Why Are We Being Kept So Unprepared for Massive Society Changes? (MUST-WATCH VIDEO) – #GSM #GrandSolarMinimum #ClimateChange #GlobalCooling #Collapse #EndTimes


Reality has been setting in with David DuByne of the “ADAPT 2030” YouTube channel.

I know that he has continuously changed over all those years, but now he has ‘arrived’.

Listen to what he is telling you NOW!!!

Sounds familiar??? (It should.)

“You are absolutely on your own!”

(Totally correct!!!)

“…and by that next year (after a VEI 6-7 eruption) cannibalism is gonna sweep our planet.”

(…and that VEI 6-7 eruption will be, by far, NOT even our worst problem.)

“…it’s far more than 2 BILLION people that aren’t going to make it through!”

(“…far more than 2 BILLION” is correct. FAR MORE than 5 billion would be also correct.)

“They want as much loss of life as they can possibly get!”

(Absolutely correct!!!)

Got food, water, survival gear, etc.???

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