Migrant Crisis & Crime (July 14, 2019 Edition): Doomed: “Sweden Is At War” – Publish Tommy Robinson’s name on Facebook and you’re out in Sweden – Germany: Cat raped to death with a sharp object or tool by an unknown person in Gießen. Rapes of animals have been increasing unfortunately. -Open letter to the Chancellor: “Mrs. Dr. Merkel, you are destroying my livelihood and the future of my children in Germany ” – Germany: Man riots while reading the Quran in the middle of the street in Bad Neuenahr. He has been put in a psychiatric hospital. – Germany: Two men (32) attacked and injured with an object by a group of five in Eichstätt. The five attackers have differing nationalities. – What is wrong with people? (Video) – African undocumented migrants stormed Panthéon in Paris on Friday, demanding legal status in France – A new video shows hundreds of African migrants storming police lines after yesterday’s first #GiletsNoir (#BlackVests) protest – Paris just awarded a medal to a German captain for smuggling illegals into Italy. Now they are faced with those same illegals demanding legal status. – ICE Raids Begin In New York As Feds Ramp Up Random Roundups – Man Hurls Molotov Cocktails At ICE Detention Center; Shot Dead By Police

…and Sweden is LOSING!…so far!!!

Sadly, Tommy Robinson is part of the elite’s agenda…

…what can you say about such evil bastards? Also feeding razor blades to dogs has become a thing in Germany, as I’ve reported before.

“Mission accomplished”…


* * *

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